Land Legs

We arrived in San Francisco on Saturday (May 21) to drop some folks off and pick some new ones up. Seven scientists left the boat and sixteen new ones came onboard today. Those of us coming off the boat after 16 days at sea had some wobbly legs to start, and for those not used to the infamous ‘dock rock’ we were forewarned that you feel it most when you are in a confined space… Vertigo!

Of those leaving, your two fun-loving onboard blog coordinators (that’s us!) got off the ship! The amazing Meg Chadsey will still be organizing this blog from land, and a few new coordinators will be taking the ropes while at sea on leg 2.

We wanted to say a farewell, since this blog was a fantastic project to dig our teeth into out at sea (even if we sometimes had to take time away from our computer screens, to give our unhappy stomachs a break!). But stay tuned for more posts to come as the cruise heads from San Francisco up into Canadian waters with an end point in Seattle.

So long for now…

Emma Hodgson and Melissa Ward

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