What would you name the CTD?

You’ve seen the CTD in action in Ring around the Rosette and read about all the different types of samples we take. But for all the incredible scientific opportunities the CTD provides, we still don’t have a name for her (or him!).

The CTD posing majestically on the deck at sunset. Photo Credit: Meghan Shea
The CTD posing majestically on the deck at sunset. Photo Credit: Meghan Shea

We asked scientists onboard for their suggestions.

Matilda” – Brendan Carter 

“The first name that came to mind was Rosie. You know, Rosie the Rosette. I like the name Rosie. It’s a pretty name.” – Katie Douglas 

Dorothy” – Carrie Weekes

The Goddess mostly because I joke about: if aliens were watching us they’d probably have a very hard time figuring out what that object is, and why we all worship it.” – Linda Rhodes

Betty” – Erin Cuyler

The Grand Explorer” –Richard Feely

Boaty McBoatface. No. Cloris.” – Bill Nilsson

Nothing that I would repeat in polite company” – Julian Herndon 

Charles Thompson Dawkins. That’s CTD.” – Jon Sharp

Constant Torture Device” – Remy Okazaki 

Medusa” – Cathy Cosca

“Rosie the rosette.” – Morgan Ostendorf

“The CTD and I are not that intimate. We’re not on a first name basis yet.”- Anna McLaskey

What would you name the CTD? Let us know in the comments!

Written By: Meghan Shea and Spencer Showalter

4 thoughts on “What would you name the CTD?”

  1. Matilda? There’s got to be a story there somewhere! When you back on shore?

    West Coast Ocean Acidificati


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