WCOA2016 Scientists, Leg 2 (May22 – June7). Back row (left to right): Olivier Glippa, Anna McLaskey, Jonna Engström-Öst, Ryan McCabe, Kevin Johnson, Brendan Carter, Wiley Evans; Middle Row: Zelalem Engida, Sherwood Liu, Jon Sharp, Katie Douglas, Erin Cuyler, Nina Bednarsek, Richard Feely, Morgan Ostendorf, Julian Herndon, Chris Ikeda, Brian Bill;
Front Row: Katrina Radach, Carrie Weekes, Spencer Showalter, Cathy Cosca, Remy Okazaki, Lisette Mekkes, Linda Rhodes, William Nilsson, Meghan Shea. Not pictured: Sigrid Salo, Charles Kovach.

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