Brendan Carter, NOAA PMEL


West Coast OA Cruise Mission Scientist

Bio: My recent research has focused on bridging the data and modeling oceanographic communities, with the broad goal of learning more about how our oceans are responding to humankind’s emissions of carbon dioxide. Examples of recent projects range from refining data assimilating models, improving data-based estimates of alkalinity used for these models, using model output to develop tracers to better detect the effects of ocean acidification, and using model transport estimates to develop novel measurement gridding strategies that take ocean circulation into account. I’ve also worked to refine the ways we measure seawater pH and to use seawater measurements to make sense of the fascinating and dynamic Southern Ocean.

What I’m doing on this cruise: Brendan is measuring dissolved inorganic carbon, or the combined amount of all of the different molecules CO2 becomes when it reacts with seawater.  He’ll be doing this from a climate controlled shipping container on the back of the boat.  Between samples he’ll be coding for his current research projects, listening to music, talking to himself, and running out of things to say.


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