Carrie Weekes, OSU

Undergraduate, Oregon State University

Bio: I began to be interested in marine sciences, specifically marine biology, when I was 15. Coming from a small town in Idaho, I loved the foreignness of the ocean and all that it had to offer. So my pursuits of becoming a marine biologist led me to Oregon State University where I’m currently a student worker in Burke Hales‘ lab in the College of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences. I’ve been working in the lab for two years doing analytical chemistry using the Burke-o-lator (used to measure Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) levels), the nutrient analyzer, and the oxygen titration system. I’m a junior at the university in the marine biology program with a minor in chemistry, and soon oceanography as well. I’m very fascinated with ocean acidification and how it affects calcifying organisms, so this cruise is a great way to know more about OA! This is my first cruise and I hope there will be many more to come. I’m very excited for this opportunity to work with so many well distinguished scientists and get the chance to participate in the WCOA cruise!

CarrieWeekesWhat I’m doing on this cruise: I will be collecting seawater samples from the CTD onboard, analyzing them for oxygen, and also freezing seawater samples for nutrient analysis for the summer. I’m doing a project for a current class where I will be looking at Dungeness crab megalopae that we catch with Neuston and Bongo net tows.

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