Cathy Cosca, NOAA PMEL

Cathy_Cosca_WCOA2016Mission Scientist, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Bio: I can’t think of a time I haven’t been interested in marine science.  Numerous fishing trips and diving expeditions solidified my interest to pursue marine biology and ocean chemistry in college and graduate school.

I’ve been a member of PMEL’s Carbon for over 20 years.  My main area of expertise is underway pCO2 measurements of the sea surface and atmosphere(‘pCO2‘ is the scientifically accurate way to talk about the levels of CO2 in the ocean and atmosphere; the ‘p’ stands for ‘partial pressure‘), which allows us to calculate and quantify the flux of CO2 into and out of the ocean.  I’ve coordinated the installation of over 20 underway pCO2 systems on numerous NOAA ships and container ships, and have helped develop protocols for data quality assurance for the community of scientists studying underway pCO2.

Cathy Cosca, NOAA PMEL
Sampling for Total Alkalinity on the 2012 West Coast Ocean Acidification Cruise. Photo Credit: NOAA PMEL

As data manager for the underway CO2 group at PMEL, I process and quality control incoming data from the field, and incorporate satellite measurements of sea surface temperature and wind data to generate SST-fCO2 relationships which have been used in numerous publications and presentations. Beyond PMEL, I’m the tropical Pacific regional group lead for the Surface Ocean Carbon Atlas (SOCAT) project, and the technical coordinator for the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON).

What I’m doing on this cruise:  Though I’ve been on many research cruises, I continue to look forward to going out at sea.  As the data manager on Leg 2 of this research cruise, I’ll be working closely with the chief scientists to process and analyze data shortly after it’s collected to shed light on the measurements we’re making.

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