The West Coast Ocean Acidification 2016 Cruise is truly a group effort. In all, 37 scientists from 17 institutions will sail with us for some part of the cruise. Additional shore-based collaborators are conducting coordinated sampling at several locations along the U.S. West Coast. Finally, a number of science outreach and education organizations are partnering with us on public engagement throughout the cruise.

Represented aboard the R/V Ronald H. Brown

PMEL-meatball-logo-FINALNOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

noaa_logo_text_161x161 NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

noaa_logo_text_161x161  NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations

noaa_logo_text_161x161 NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory



NOAA Center for Satellite Applications and Research,                  Satellite Oceanography and Climatology Division


UW Oceanography  UW School of Oceanography

jisaoLogo  UW Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Oceans

UW SAFS      UW School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences

OSU   Oregon State University College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

USF College of Marine Sciences   University of South Florida College of Marine Science

UCSB logo   University of California Santa Barbara

SFSU logoRTC Logo
San Francisco State University Romberg Tiburon Center



University of Baja    Instituto de Investigaciones Oceanologicas-University of Baja California

F&O Canada  Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Institute of Ocean Sciences

UVicLogo  University of Victoria School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Hakai Institute   Hakai Institute

aka_en_vaaka_rgb   NOVIA University of Applied Sciences, Academy of Finland

University of Amsterdam square University of Amsterdam Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics


Shore-based collaborators

NOAA NPS logo  NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries

NPS logo  National Park Service

Outreach and Education Partners

Exploratorium   The Exploratorium

WSG_logo_HighRes   Washington Sea Grant


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