Debbie Ianson, F&O Canada

Oceanographer, Fisheries and Oceans Canada;  University of Victoria, BC

Bio: I’m an Oceanographer and a Fisheries and Oceans Canada Research Scientist at the Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sidney, BC, as well as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, BC.  My research combines field work with modeling to investigate biogeochemical cycles along continental margins and their influence on the global ocean. I focus on the impact of climate change on these cycles and on marine ecosystems.

How I’m involved with the 2016 West Coast Ocean Acidification Cruise: I’ll miss sailing with the NOAA gang on this cruise, but I’m sending a graduate student (Zelalem ‘Ze’ Engida) and a carbon analyst, (Marty Davelaar) in my stead. ‘Ze’ is a PhD candidate who is using models to predict and study extreme oxygen and carbon conditions on the British Columbian continental shelf.  Marty is an experienced inorganic carbon analyst who has worked with Fisheries and Oceans Canada for decades, and who taught me how to analyze carbon in the lab when I was a student. There’s so much to learn about the dynamic biogeochemistry of coastal upwelling regions that it’s hard to summarize what I hope to learn – certainly more about extreme environmental conditions and their impact on ecosystems.

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