Erin Cuyler, USF

thumb_20160511_140419_1024MSc Student, University of South Florida College of Marine Science

Bio: My Name is Erin Cuyler and I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Chemical Oceanography at University of South Florida. My area of research is studying the carbon dioxide system in seawater. From measuring carbon parameters like pH, total alkalinity and carbonate, to instrument development of novel pH measurement. Before I made my way to oceanography I spent my undergrad at University of Connecticut. I received my bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a minor in chemistry. I did not actually choose oceanography until I was searching for my graduate school. I applied to a few PhD programs in environmental chemistry but felt I was gravitating towards research pertaining to estuaries and the ocean. So I applied to the College of Marine Science at USF about 3 days before the application was due. The rest is history and I love what I am doing. My tip to anyone searching for their path to listen to their instincts and go with their gut, it’s usually right. That last minute realization lead me to my current program and to participating in this amazing cruise. In the future I hope to find a job at a government agency like NOAA or USGS and continue to perform oceanography research in areas of ocean acidification and beyond.

What I’m doing on this cruise: On this cruise, I’ll be measuring pH and carbonate off the West coast on stations spanning Mexico to Canada. The CTD casts will provide samples from the surface ocean down to as deep as 2500m. This will allow us to construct pH and carbonate profiles of the water column at all stations.

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