Meghan Shea, Stanford and NOAA PMEL

Undergraduate, Stanford University and Ernest F. Hollings Intern, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Bio: When I was 5, I started proclaiming to all who would listen that I wanted to be a marine biologist specializing in seahorses, despite the fact that I could hardly spell my future job title. Soon after, I committed myself to reading every single volume of The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau and snorkeling each and every time I found myself close to the ocean. While my specific career interests have changed slightly–from seahorses to environmental DNA and carbonate chemistry–I am still just as much (if not more!) of an ocean nerd.

Now, as an undergraduate at Stanford University studying Environmental Systems Engineering, I continue to be drawn to the marine environment. Last year, I sailed from Tahiti up to Hawaii on a research tall ship during the Stanford@SEA program, which was my first time doing research at sea. Now, I’m beyond excited for adventures aboard the NOAA Ship Ronald Brown and a chance to see what even more sophisticated shipboard research looks like. This summer, I’ll be working with two of my carbonate chemistry idols, Drs. Simone Alin and Richard Feely, as a NOAA Hollings Scholar, so the chance to contextualize that research by looking at what’s happening along the West Coast right now is a dream come true!

What I’m doing on this cruise: While all the amazing researchers on the cruise are working on their specialties, I’ll be helping with oxygen and nutrient measurements and lending a hand (or two!) to some of the other awesome interdisciplinary research being done on the cruise. Oh, and helping SpencerKatie and Meg with the cruise blog!

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