Olivier Glippa, Novia

Mission Scientist, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland 


Bio: I am a post-doctoral student with at Novia University of Applied Sciences. My research focuses on the effect of warming and ocean acidification on the zooplankton reproductive output, stress levels and adaptation. To understand what is going on, I conduct experiments both in the laboratory and the field, but this cruise will be the first far from “home”. It will be a good opportunity to learn more about ocean acidification and many other things. Can’t wait to be there!

[Editor’s note: Olivier is also a talented photographer, whose work appears throughout this blog!]

What I’m doing on this research cruise: With my colleague Jonna Engström-Öst, I will be collecting a lot of copepods. You’ve already heard about them in Anna McLaskey’s post The Scoop From the Plankton Nets. As well as being a key component of marine ecosystems, copepods play an important role in the television series SpongeBob SquarePants! A portion of our samples will be frozen at -80°C for later analysis, while some females will be incubated in our temporary lab on board to determine how many eggs they lay.

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