Waxing poetic about science

If you’ve been following this blog for the last month as our intrepid group sails along the West Coast, you’ve probably read quite a few detailed posts describing our sampling procedures, measurement techniques, and experimental designs. Talking about our work is part of the job. Even so, sometimes we scientists can get a bit stuck in our ways, and when we are asked to step away from the tried-and-true journals, seminars, and scientific reports that we routinely use to talk about our research, funny things happen.  A few days ago, the blog team challenged our fellow scientists to a research haiku contest. It didn’t take long to discover that condensing our research into 17 syllables can be quite a task, yet our fellow scientists proved themselves worthy to the task. Continue reading “Waxing poetic about science”

It’s called a test station for a very good reason…

Dolphins at sunset
Silver fish flash their greetings
Then we troubleshoot.

We left San Diego under nearly perfect conditions, with partly cloudy skies and lower winds than the previous few days.  We arrived at our test sampling station just about sunset, under the escort of our diminutive dolphin* guides.  Continue reading “It’s called a test station for a very good reason…”

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