The CTD Up Close

As a follow up to Katie’s fantastic post about the process of water sampling using a CTD, we wanted to share a video of what deploying and retrieving the CTD actually looks like.

And to bring you up close and personal, the photos below show the type of bottle that each seawater sample is collected in. Oxygen is the first to be sampled, because it is a dissolved gas and is sensitive to air entering the Niskin bottles as seawater is taken out of the bottom by each sampler. The person sampling oxygen therefore sets the pace for the rest of the scientists sampling water around the rosette. Each sample is shown below in the order we sample in:


The video was created by: Melissa Ward, and the bottle photos were taken by: Emma Hodgson. Both contributed to creating the post.

4 thoughts on “The CTD Up Close”

  1. Great routine (mundane) field work! Attention to detail and you’ve got great data.
    Joe -former freshwater limnologist – field sampler!


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